Oscar: Drawing 3

John found little Oscar in a trash can one cold December night while he was leaving work. It was the 21st, the weekend we were about to head home to see family for the holidays. As soon as John saw him pop up from the deep can, he called me to tell me the exciting news! After asking if he retrieved the little guy, John and his co-worker Kristen set to catching him. Oscar must have been frighten because he put up quite a chase, which ended with him slamming into a glass window. After the rescue John and I replenished his health and have made him another member of the family. He is our little x-mas miracle. We do have another cat, Boris. For a while we had been talking about getting a friend for him, since he's alone all day. Boris was pretty territorial at first, but they play a lot and greet each other with nuzzles and head-bumps. : 3

Oscar © Teresa Rodriguez


  1. WHAT A COOL PROJECT TEDDY! What if after your finished 365 drawings you took all of them and put them together on poster, kinda like the one in your living room with all the images scattered around, after 365 days! Then you'd have a visual poster of your past year!

    <3 OSCAR

  2. Awesome Awesomeness!!! So happy you have something to keep your imagination going and something for you to keep your amazing art skills growing!!!!

  3. Thank you both! Emily I am definitely looking forward to making a collage of these at the end of the 365 days!