Twenty Fifteen & Beyond

It's been a very amazing journey so far this year. My husband and I are on our way to having our first child, a boy. We are incredibly excited and can't wait to meet him. I know a number of ladies around me that are also expecting a few of which include my little sister (with her third), and my brother's wife (with their second). And to top it off, we are all expecting around the same time, June! (totally bizarre and unplanned!!)

Today marks my 29th week. Which means I have around 11 or so weeks to go before we meet our little darling. It's an explosion of emotions for sure. And we've been busy getting the house ready and saving what we can before he arrives, going to appointments and just living our lives as usual. I haven't completely grasped the reality of having and caring for a child yet. I have an idea, but to have him here is going to be totally unreal. Hoping my maternal instincts just kick in.

Until then, I'm working on a little something, a book about another type of journey! A journey to SPACE! I hope I can finish it before he arrives. If not, in my down time between naps and feeding, I hope to work on it then as well as keeping up with my personal work, this blog and all the in-between stuff life has to offer. For now, here is a little snippet of what I've created so far by incorporating photography and illustration.



Share the Air

I'm sure everyone has a co-worker that bathes in perfume, eats a pungent meal now and then or possibly doesn't wash often... Turns out some smells can really provoke health issues when confined in small spaces. Headaches, asthma, nausea... So here is it. My final project commissioned by and for WRT. It's been nice working around the smelly-lot of you, even though I didn't catch any bad whiffs from anyone. All in good fun, of course. Now I'm onto the next chapter at Replica Creative, with high hopes and good vibrations...even the smelly ones.


Woodland Creatures

These little critters finally made it to their new home, after being tucked away a few months for safe keeping. It absolutely warms my heart to warm someone's home with my work. #proud


Always try new things

This chair had become the cats scratching post and I've had the crazy-patterned black fabric for years. It's been packed and moved with us several times. Since we can't improve everything we desire within our home, and I fear what other discovery might be made during demolition, I felt it was finally time to get to reupholstering this eyesore of a chair. With the help of my grandma's Singer sewing machine, youtube, and trial an error, I finally executed the chair project. Whew! It feels really good to try something new while getting away from the computer for a bit and working with my hands. 




"Sitting and waiting is such an awful way to live, but it's a big part of being an actor. Creating projects is really what's happening these days. The chance to participate in your own career is a lot more exciting than just hoping that it all works out."

- Greta Gerwig


Life's Little Pleasures

These illustration and lettering pieces, though random and completely separate from one another, are actually a collection of several things I really enjoy on a day to day basis and make life worth living in and exploring. Because, what is life worth living without experiencing pleasure.

Music: This particular day I was listening to Pink Floyd's A Collection of Great Dance Songs and it brought me back to the days when I would listen to an album from beginning to end while losing myself in my thoughts and sketch book.
Science: Before becoming a full fledged graphic designer, I enjoying drawing intricately detailed dissections in my other favorite subject Biology.  Sometimes it's still nice to draw a little blood and guts.

Food: Thanks to my opportunity to explore and completely submerge myself in another country and culture - Rome I miss you everyday - I had since opened my eyes and palate to so many amazing types of food. I also am married to the most amazing person in my life that has a mom who has made me fall in love with soup and several other tasty foods.
Love: My husband, his family, my family and our friends are the amazing people that keep me sane and are a constant reminder that we are all in this crazy life together.

Check out more illustrations and other musings on instagram at teddyscreative


A little sneaky peeky

As you may or may not have already seen gracing the ever-changing digital world of Instagram, this is one of a collection of Vietnamese-inspired greeting cards. This one happens to be featuring a saucy little mama riding a Sriracha bottle. It is pure hotness for your lover any day of the year.