Life's Little Pleasures

These illustration and lettering pieces, though random and completely separate from one another, are actually a collection of several things I really enjoy on a day to day basis and make life worth living in and exploring. Because, what is life worth living without experiencing pleasure.

Music: This particular day I was listening to Pink Floyd's A Collection of Great Dance Songs and it brought me back to the days when I would listen to an album from beginning to end while losing myself in my thoughts and sketch book.
Science: Before becoming a full fledged graphic designer, I enjoying drawing intricately detailed dissections in my other favorite subject Biology.  Sometimes it's still nice to draw a little blood and guts.

Food: Thanks to my opportunity to explore and completely submerge myself in another country and culture - Rome I miss you everyday - I had since opened my eyes and palate to so many amazing types of food. I also am married to the most amazing person in my life that has a mom who has made me fall in love with soup and several other tasty foods.
Love: My husband, his family, my family and our friends are the amazing people that keep me sane and are a constant reminder that we are all in this crazy life together.

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