Introducing: hand-drawn/digital

As with every new year, so comes a slew of resolutions that can easily deteriorate or flourish. I've never thought to establish a resolution and stick to it. Most resolutions seem to be about limiting excess, loosing weight, cleaning out or up. But ever since the new year I've wanted more than anything to dig deep into myself. To explore, discover, or develop something within me. To surprise myself. I must say that with switching from a student to an employee has been surreal in the sense that while in school we were given creative license to experiment endlessly while in a more corporate setting there have been inevitable restrictions and workload which can be exciting and equally exhausting leaving free-time to weekends to unwind and relax. And because of this I've definitely let my personal artistic abilities dwindle, something I thought I would never do...

(what the heck?!)

I'm an artist dammit! And I have found myself often lacking motivation to simply create. So with inspiration from brightly talented bloggers dedicated to year long commitments such as The Uniform Project, Obsessive Consumption, Daily Drop Cap, Daily Monster and most of all Make Something 365. I've decided to dedicate a year in developing my illustration style, in both hand-drawn and digital mediums. Why hand-drawn and digital? Well, sometimes I just love putting ink on paper and sometimes I want to manipulate shapes on the computer. There is just something about each that's exhilarating! The possibilities of each are endless! I'm getting excited about this already! But wait! There are a few steps I need to do before this thing gets started. Firstly, I need to get a new sketch book to dedicated to the hand drawings. Perhaps a new drawing tool? Computer, check. Programs, check. Scanner, must set up. And the day to start...immediately!

So here's to it! 365 days of Hand-drawn/Digital...Coming soon!

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