No Love Like Hair Love: Drawing 16

This past April was by far the best month for me, full of great times with family and friends! My sister and her husband came over from England to visit after about 4 years. We have missed out on so much in each others lives these past years. I can only hope that their plans of moving to the states will come true soon. I miss them dearly! They are an awesome pair with a love for anime, a groovy sense of style, and eclectic taste in music.

No Love Like Hair Love © Teresa Rodriguez


  1. Teddy, I'm so in love with this... I have it as my wallpaper on my phone and my lock screen.. I look at it and makes me want to hurry up with everything and come and move out that way... I have to be less impatient! I love you!!! And Love this very very much...

  2. I'm thrilled that you love this! Your visit meant a lot to me, and you both made such a lasting impression on me. Come home soon loves!