Goodbye Dear Friend.

To my dear friend, Tobi, An artist which has ascended back into the cosmos too quickly. Pulled back into the black void that so consumed him with uncertainty and doubt. I would be lying if I said you weren't doubtful and uncertain, which we all were in college. We were naive and young and trying to experiment, but you wanted more, and you didn't know how to get it. While we got to know each other you had become like a brother. In our place on diamond street while college had preoccupied us, we had become like family. Laughing, talking, supporting one another, understanding one another, hanging in there together against all uncertainty.
We would make sure you got up in the morning. We would go on Wawa runs, treat ourselves to fancy dinners or good old KFC, we walked to class, panicked about projects then laugh it off later with good drinks and video games. We were getting ready to face the world, a pretty scary thought still. I'll admit, you were never happy and
compared yourself to people which in turn brought you down. I cared about you and was there for you, and when you weren't sleeping in, you were there for me. You never had to be uncertain or doubtful. You were brilliant. I still cannot comprehend how creating websites and html came so easy to you. We needed a Tobi Lim in this world. To fill it with motion, fantasy creatures, kamen rider enthusiasm and hard work and guts.
You, my friend, are a distant star now shining as you had here with us on Earth. There will never be anyone quite like you. I will always remember the impact you made on my life. Without you, I would be scared and uncertain. Without you, Tobi Lim, I don't feel I would know myself like you knew yourself. I will miss you, just as so many will that you have touched in your life. Rest in peace friend.

Tobi Salute © Teresa Rodriguez

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