Temporary Tattoos

As a lover of Tattly Temporary Tattoos, I wanted to buy my friend a sweet birthday set. But I wanted it to be custom, something she would like and something I would be proud to give her. I went to a few shops in Philly hoping I'd find some that would scream AMANDA. But nothing. Her birthday was getting closer and I didn't think I had enough time to decide or order a set online and I just couldn't get my mind off of these temporary tattoos. Still on the lookout I went into Paper-Source. They don't sell them either! Rats! But wait, they sell a paper by Silhouette you can print on to make them yourself. Perfect! I printed a few of my illustrations, plus a few of my cat Boris, and tested some for quality. The results are awesome and most of all they made a great gift!

SET 1 featured boris, paisleys, letterheads, diamonds, and various other illustrations.
SET 2 featured paisleys, letterheads, diamonds, and sir charlie.  instagram pic by yarodriguez.

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