Make Good Art

My family members know how to surprise me with love, encouragement, support and inspiration at just the right time, nearly every time. This bit comes from my sister Addy, a huge Amanda Palmer fan as well as a Neil Gaiman fan. This speech from Neil could not have been discovered and forwarded at a better time, to really inspire the maker in me. Here I am about to venture into a territory that I have never been before, knowing that it could be either a huge failure or a huge success. But because of this speech, because of the support, love and encouragement of my husband and family, because of the recent travel to Disney World, and because of the desire to create and share my work with the universe, I am going to do it. I'm going to do everything in my being to make this dream a reality. To learn from my mistakes and do what I can to ultimately never work a day in my life, which is to say, enjoy what I do no matter what it is that I'm doing. Tonight I will be launching my shop, so please stay tuned.

Thank you Addy for this amazing clip.


  1. Just so you know---> Teddy,you make GREAT art! Love you!

  2. Your welcome sis. I've watched this countless times after Neil Gaiman twittered it. It's a great inspiration when I'm feeling down, and really has everything I wish I could say but said by a fabulous artist!
    Love you!