Into the Cosmos

As many have seen, I have been illustrating something that I really love, the cosmos. Everything about the concept of space exploration is exciting, scary, and beautiful all at once. The idea that a majority of the stuff we are made of coming from the universe, the stars, the black holes and dark matter, that has only recently been discovered, is fascinating and quite honestly mind blowing. And I just love it. 

Through this new series I would like to explore that fascinating notion by making it a sort of story where these delicate, sleeping characters are on quiet journeys from deep space, making their way across the universe to a new place they'll call home. By doing this, I also wanted to branch into a new medium – laser cutting and etching into wood – to display the characters in their suspended state, as if still traveling. I'm excited to get the project started and even more excited to see what these will look like.

For now I leave you with the original pieces (sketches) that I have done so far.


Cosmic Hair

Chillin' in Space

La la la la lunar

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