Promoting Logan

Logan is a vibrant neighborhood located in North Philadelphia. Named after James Logan, the secretary to Philadelphia founder William Penn, the neighborhood is rich in diverse culture, stunning architecture, and historical significance. Logan is easily accessible by public transportation and is a great place to eat, shop, and play.

The branding for Logan was developed to get the residents excited about discussing the future development within the community; whether it be better parks, safer cleaner streets, fewer abandoned buildings, more after school programs, more local businesses, or more community involvement.

It was during one of the community meetings that the phrase, Make some noise Logan, was coined by one of the communities loyal patrons and representative. It was this phrase that was made to jump start all the community members, both old and young, into get excited about positive change in the neighborhood.

The logo has been applied to collateral such as architectural planning boards, postcards, posters and reusable tote bags.


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