The Joe & Glo Project

I'm happy to say that I have been busy at work and busy with my free-time. My uncle came over today to pick up a completed piece that we had been talking about since last November. The project was to create something personal and special for my Aunt Gloria, Joe's wife, in exchange for an elliptical! :D Through several emails, with reference and detailed specifics about their beloved bike and their favorite anniversary spot at Bethany Beach, the masterpiece was created. He was completely blown away and is excited to present it to her (along with a short video of me describing and presenting it) on their 27th anniversary! I am thrilled to be apart of something so special and can't wait to hear what comes next!!!

Joe & Glo at Bethany Beach © Teresa Rodriguez


  1. Wow Teddy, This came out so awesome!!!! You did such a wonderful job!!! I didn't realize it was a surprise from Uncle Joe to Gloria I thought they both asked you for the it!!! Wow she is gonna love it!!!!

  2. She loved it! She cried when she called! Its the best effect to ever get from a person after creating something, tears of joy!