Wedding + BSR

With less than a month to go, John and I are up to our elbows is final wedding details and seeing a lot of CMYK these days. Here is a preview of one of the many things we are working on, confetti.
confetti @teddyscreative on instagram

In other news, we finished the Broad Street Run this past Sunday. It was my third time running and probably my best time ever, under 2 hours! It was John's first BSR and I am so proud of him! I am sure he would have done way better if we decided to run our own race, instead of racing and finishing together, hand in hand. He sounds like he's going to run it next year, which means he will probably smoke his race time. Overall, It was an incredible event. We had a great run, the weather was perfect and the support from both the runners and crowd was amazing. 
Here is a snap shot of several runners going toward center city Philly. John can be seen wearing a neon shirt and tall red socks down in front.
broad street run @teddyscreative on instagram

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