Happily Ever After!

I am now happily married and will soon go by the name of Mrs. Nguyen!

People are right when they say that your wedding day goes by fast! What a whirl-wind it was, but a very gratifying whirl-wind, especially when all the planning and details come together on the big day. I am still completely overjoyed with how everyone came together to make our wedding day as beautiful and memorable as it turned out to be. On top of that, the day was probably the most perfect sunny Sunday we could have hoped for! The reception was full of love, laughter, tears of joy, eating, drinking and dancing. I loved every minute of it...  :.)
Here's a clip of our day!

Sitting with my beautiful niece and flower girl, Jazmine
Details include; puff balls, custom bubble wand cat labels, letters for the head table and a 'here comes the bride' banner.

After our big beautiful day we hopped a plane to the most magical place on earth, Disney World! We had five days to conquer four parks and squeeze in one water park. Our adventures included seeing the world (so-to-speak, ha!), hanging out with some funny characters, plunging into the ocean, scaling mountains, exploring the jungle and desert, going back in time and even blasting off into space! It really was magical and we must go back again because there is still so much to see.
At Magic Kingdom with Cinderella's castle in the distance

Hanging out with Pooh & the gang during our last dinner
Now it's back to life and back to reality. Ready to take on the world with my best friend and husband, John Nguyen, at my side.

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  1. You are so great with words and great with art. I am so happy for you! I love you so much! Your wedding day was more then I imaged! It was spectacular! So glad you had a great time and glad you enjoyed your honeymoon. Your five year anniversary you should def. return to Disney World. Love you!